LogPoint SIEM licensing for Universities:
A fair, transparent, all-inclusive model

Universities often experience that they have to priorities and limit the monitoring of their IT infrastructure due to the ever-rising data volumes and large numbers of users. In response, LogPoint has created a tailored Universities solution, which enables coverage of the entire IT infrastructure at a fixed price. It’s a fair and transparent licensing model with:

  • Unlimited number of LogPoint CORE SIEM installations
  • Unlimited number of data sources
  • Unlimited volume of data

License cost for universities is calculated based on the number of students, providing a substantial discount compared to traditional license models.

Universities are facing several challenges within their IT infrastructure, including:

  • Keeping networks and IP safe against cyberattacks while allowing access to unknown individuals.
  • Keeping cybersecurity policies up to date, while not impinging on learning and innovation, remaining future-proof and able to scale as user demands evolve.
  • To adequately safeguard students online, Universities needs to be able to monitor students and staff's online activity, while protecting the privacy of the individual.
  • Identifying the difference between academic research, ethical hacking, and malicious activity- strengthening security, and eliminating false positives.
  • Quickly and efficiently identifying students, that are putting the university reputation at risk by illegally downloading copyrighted material or mining Bitcoin using university resources.
  • Operating vast and often complicated network infrastructures with reduced IT Budgets and resources compared to commercial organizations.

LogPoint has been providing Modern SIEM solutions to the educational sector for years. Many universities across the world rely on LogPoint for cybersecurity, compliance, IT operations, and business analytics in their IT infrastructure.

“The operational cost savings we've seen have been impressive, and the support we've received from LogPoint before, during, and after implementation has been fantastic. We're now upgrading to the latest version of LogPoint and looking to leverage its analytics to assess other areas such as asset utilization and more detailed profiling of the devices, applications and operating systems users bring to the network."
Chris Newby, Systems Infrastructure Manager at University of Bedfordshire

To learn more about the LogPoint SIEM solution, download our Universities Solution Brief.

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