LogPoint SIEM Buyer's Guide


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In today’s globalized, digital economy, it’s essential to monitor and guard your company’s data against increasingly advanced cyber threats. Are you considering a SIEM solution for your network? Or do you already have a SIEM solution but are thinking about replacing it with a modern SIEM solution.

To help you LogPoint has published a SIEM Buyer's Guide touching on these essential topics:

  • What is SIEM?
  • Why do you need SIEM?
  • Symptoms that your existing SIEM is up for replacement
  • The critical capabilities of a modern SIEM
  • Building your SIEM business case
  • The successful evaluation and selection process

Use the LogPoint SIEM Buyer's Guide to cut through the noise: Understand what makes a SIEM modern and whether your legacy SIEM is ready to retire. Get help to build you SIEM business case and tips for the tough questions to ask in your evaluation and selection process.

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