Tailored SIEM and UEBA for educational institutions

Security and data breaches at universities and colleges have risen dramatically in recent years. The open nature of campus IT systems and the presence of valuable intellectual property at these institutions have made them an enticing target for malicious attacks on and off campus.

LogPoint has worked with several universities and colleges for many years and has from this experience developed cybersecurity use cases that help our customers create a safer and more efficient cybersecurity operations.

What are the cybersecurity challenges we help educational institutions solve?

  • With the trend towards BYOD and expansive public WiFi access, universities with their relatively open environments provides an exposed service for cyberattacks.
  • Universities need to keep their networks and IP safe against cyberattacks whilst allowing access to systems to very technically adapt individuals
  • Policies needs to be up to date but not impinge on learning and innovation. They also need to be future proofed as user demand scale and evolve.
  • There needs to be the ability to monitor students’ online activities in regard to the Universities Safeguarding policy whilst keep the privacy of the individual intact when doing log file analysis.
  • Identifying the difference between academic research and malicious activity, strengthening information security and eliminating false positives.
  • Identifying students that are putting the universities reputation at risk by illegally downloading copyright material or Bitcoin mining quickly and efficiency
  • Operating with reduced IT Budgets and resource.
  • HIPAA and PCI compliance requirements

Download our solution brief or contact us to learn more about how to get going with SIEM and UEBA for educational institutions.

Download the LogPoint for education solution brief.