LogPoint SIEM licensing for Hospitals:
A fair, transparent, all-inclusive model

Hospitals often experience that they have to priorities and limit the monitoring of their IT infrastructure due to the ever-rising data volumes and increasing numbers of users. In response, LogPoint has created a tailored Hospital license, which enables coverage of the entire IT infrastructure at a fixed price. It’s a fair and transparent licensing model with:

  • Unlimited number of LogPoint CORE SIEM installations
  • Unlimited number of data sources
  • Unlimited volume of data

License cost is for hospitals are calculated based on the number of patients, beds or revenue (US) providing a substantial discount compared to traditional license models.

Hospitals are facing several challenges in the Digital domain, including:

  • Compliance requirements (GDPR, ISO, NIS, HIPAA, etc.) are increasingly demanding and resource-consuming to meet
  • Increased complexity in the IT infrastructure makes centralized security analytics across the organization difficult
  • It’s a challenge to detect evolving cybersecurity threats, including advanced persistent threats and insider threats, and prevent data loss
  • New compliance and privacy requirements must be met while adding new digital features and increasing efficiency of IT operations
  • Rapidly rising data volumes and an increasing number of users continually add cost to analytics- and cybersecurity-operations, making it impossible to budget accurately

LogPoint has been providing our Modern SIEM solution to customers in the Health Care sector for years. Many hospitals rely on LogPoint for cybersecurity, compliance, IT operations, and Business Analytics in their IT infrastructure.

“The strength of the LogPoint solution is that we don't have to spend unnecessary time on investigating false positives and that we check all logs. Not only logs chosen at random. This way, we comply with the legal requirements of effective log auditing."
Joakim Bengtzon, IT Security Manager, Region Värmland, Sweden

To learn more about the LogPoint SIEM solution, download our Hospitals Solution Brief.

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