Trusted by great customers worldwide

Trusted by great customers worldwide


LogPoint breaks the scale in the Info-Tech 2020 Emotional Footprint report

With an overall Customer Satisfaction score of 9,3 (out of 10) vs. the 8,2 industry average, LogPoint is defined as an “Outlier” among Champions in the Info-Tech 2020 Emotional Footprint report for SIEM. LogPoint demonstrates an industry-leading ability to establish and maintain positive vendor-customer relationships while delivering product effectiveness.


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Named Champion & Industry Leader

LogPoint is named a Champion and industry Leader in the 2020 Emotional Footprint report for SIEM. Customers are ranking LogPoint as #1 when it comes caring about the relationship, providing effective service and maintaining client friend policies. Customers appreciate our transparency and the fact that we over-deliver on our promises.

With a net emotional footprint of 95 out of 100, LogPoint emerges as a clear leader among the 12 SIEM vendors evaluated in the Emotional Footprint report. LogPoint is receiving top scores in 13 out of 25 questions the five main categories.